Fajas Colombianas 

Welcome! My name is Maria and I have ranked the best Fajas Colombianas after reviewing each and every one of them. In my opinion, the below 10 Fajas are what I consider to be the best of the best in terms of price, quality, and durability. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. P.S. Please visit the sizing guide here: for more information on how to choose the right size. Let's begin shall we?

Best Fajas Colombianas Of 2017

1. Ann Cherry

Ann Cherry is known as the gold standard of Fajas Colombianas because of it's brand name and quality. Of the Fajas I tried, I found Ann Cherry to be the most durable, comfortable and reasonable in terms of price. The only downfall of Ann Cherry is the sizing. Make sure you order the correct shape wear true to size. The biggest mistake was right below my bust area my measurements were in  between the 2 sizes and since they strech a little over time i chose to go for the smaller rather than the one size above my measurements. Big mistake,if i wasn't standing up, if i was sitting,even worse, laying down,like i was ready for bed, it allowed my lungs to expand maybe half of what they would be normally!

 Great product,wonderful durable quality,just make sure if in doubt btw 2 sizes pick the bigger of the 2,u can always go ti second row of hooks! But once it was on and i threw a shirt on i couldnt believe the hourglass it created the very flat belly and my back fat was much much firmer and looked very solid and not lumoy at all, i have a long torso, so i did have to keep tugging to keep it lower and intentions were to also pull down to keep it from pushing my already pretty large boobs high and it looked a little unnatural,so my hopes are in getting the one size larger,i will get a little longer lenth even if its half an inch it would help l, and make it easier to pull downward from my bust to keeo them from being pushes up so crazily high.

The product delievers results immediately according to certain reviews. I put a shirt on over it once all hooks werenlatches n couldnt believe the hourglass look the back flatbess and just how much extelra room was avaipable in a once tighter shirt in thenstomach area, i instantly had a little sag in the material, so i imagine once i get my one sz larger n go shirt shopping i will be able to purchase shirts a size maybe even 2 smaller than i have been without the full vest. A++ product!!

2. Diane and Geordi

I am 5'6" with a 32" waist and 40" hips. According to the size chart with the product images (not Amazon's size chart), I would be right in between Small and Medium. I thought ordering Medium would be safe, and the customer reviews helped assure me this would work. WRONG. This thing is tiny. It is so ridiculously tight that I am exchanging for an XL - that's right, I am going up 2 sizes from the chart because it is so unbelievably small.

However, I do want to state that the quality is incredible! I has a wonderful, soft feel against the skin. Once I get the correct fit, I expect to update my rating to 5 stars.

UPDATE (12/17/2017): After returning the crazy-tight Medium for a refund, I decided to order a Large (rather than XL) because I was in the process of slimming down a bit and my waist measurement had gone down to 31". The Large is working out well. I get compression and curves without feeling discomfort. I have upgraded my rating from 2 stars to 4. I'm not giving it 5 stars because the waist/hip ratio of the design is a little aggressive compare to other fajas, which causes horizontal tension of the material right at the waist leaving lines in your skin when you take it off. If you have more than 9" difference between your waist and hip measurements you shouldn't have this issue.

3. Fajas Dprada

PLEASE READ! I will give you the real scoop on this. This product is awesome. However, if you are ordering from the US, please know our size and Columbian sizes are different. Do not follow the sizing chart. I ordered this item three separate times before getting it right. I met a lady who was from Columbia. She told me to order 3 sizes bigger. I was shocked, but did and she was right. So, I wear a Large. Therefore I ordered a 3XL and it fit. I needed help putting it on and hooking it, the first time. Now, I'm able to put it on by myself. You want to start by pulling the shaper to the hips first. Then hook about 4-6 of them, then pulling the shaper up over the hips. This will make it much easier to put on. Do not start from the top/belly, you will have more of a difficult time hooking the shaper. This shaper allowed me to put on my size 8 &10 jeans( depending on the Name Brand of the jeans). I wear a size 14 without the shaper. If you have any problems or questions, e-mail me at tamhol@comcast.net . I plan on ordering the other styles as well. Also know this particular style is best for sweaters, turtle necks and high collared shirts/blouses. Otherwise the bra part will not be covered. Do not purchase this style for scalloped, tank tops or low v neck dresses or shirts. Choose one of the other styles. IMPORTANT! you do not have to take off the shaper to go to the bathroom Woot! Woot! There is a flap of material that you move or tuck under the shaper. Now if you need to have a bowel movement, then you'd have to unhook everything. Good luck and I hope my experience and information helped. Don't forget to e-mail me if you have any questions.

4. Fajas MyD

LOOK AND FEEL STUNNING: The most comfortable post surgery girdle available. Fajas MyD offer this hip enhancer and post surgical compression garment that controls and smoothes the entire abdomen, tummy and waist. Obtain the silhouette you've always wanted wearing our shapewear for women . This girdle will become your favorite secret weapon defining your waist, lifts your backside naturally, and shapes your hips. WEAR IT EVERYDAY: This butt lifter shapewear tummy control can be used either as daily use shaper or as c-section girdle after pregnancy . Can be worn too as a liposuction compression garment to help in the recovery process. Feel free to use our womens shapewear everywhere you go. HIGH QUALITY FABRICS: These girdles for women are done with a selective high quality fabric like Powernet. The microfiber lining on the inside of this butt lifter shapewear provides a fresh and soft feeling on the skin. The powernet on the outside layer in all our tummy control shapewear provides the exact level of compression that you need without any discomfort. COMFORTABLE DESIGN: This butt lifter shapewear for women comes with a mid-thigh length. Select a compression girdle with an open bust and a strap over the area. This shapewear tummy control has two levels of hook and eye closure that control the compression. A zipper on the crotch will assist you when using the bathroom so the shapewear butt lifter does not become soiled.

5. Fajas Salome

  • 100% Spandex
  • This strapless shapewear garment provides high compression, the size could vary from regular clothing. PLEASE USE THE SIZE CHART IN THE IMAGES TO SELECT YOUR SIZE. IF YOU ARE BETWEEN SIZES PLEASE SIZE UP.
  • Look gorgeous with the best girdles for women and get the silhouette you always dreamed of. This strapless body shaper is part of Fajas Salome's shapewear for women collection, which comprises different types of shapewear bodysuits that comfortably reduce inches off your waist and stomach, and lift your buttocks at the same time. This braless shapewear model provides control in tummy and thighs.ÊWith a high variety of sizes, our girdle shapers fit from skinny to plus size women.
  • The Powernet on the external layer of this backless body shaper for women produces compression. The inner cotton lining allows for movement with comfort. This butt lifter body shaper comes with a flat zipper closure that is unnoticeable under clothing.
  • These girdles shapewear are good for everyday use and as a postpartum girdle after pregnancy or C Section girdle. It Can be used too as a liposuction compression garment in the recovery process as a post surgery girdle. It also fits perfect as bridal shapewear.
  • Fajas Colombianas Salome te ofrece fajas reductoras con control en el abdomen y la cintura. Nuestras Fajas Levanta Cola tienen costuras y zipper planos que no se marcan debajo de tu ropa. Compresi—n con Powernet y algod—n en la capa interior. Nuestras fajas para adelgazar sirven para uso diario y pueden ser utilizadas como fajas postparto o fajas post operatorias. FAVOR GUIARSE POR LA TABLA DE MEDIDAS AL MOMENTO DE SELECCIONAR LA TALLA. SI ESTçS ENTRE DOS TALLAS ESCOGE LA MçS GRANDE.
  • 6. Lady Slim

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    8. Laty Rose

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    9. ShapEager Collections

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    10. MariaE

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